Shigaraki is located in the center of the KINKI region in Japan, which lies in the southern-central region of Japan’s main island Honshu. Shigaraki can be found in the southern part of Shiga prefecture. It is situated at around 300m above sea level and eighty percent of the area is covered by forest.
It is a very beautiful place to visit even though it can be vey cold in winter. SHIGARAKI is one of the oldest pottery producing areas in Japan.
SHIGARAKI served as an imperial capital over 1300 years ago, and you can still feel this special ancient atmosphere when you come here. We warmly welcome you to this historical pottery district.



By Public Transportation

  • JR BIWAKO Line, transit at KUSATSU station for KUSATSU Line
    • JR KUSATSU Line, transit at KIBUKAWA station for SHIGRAKI-KOGEN Line
    • ⇒SKR SHIGARAKI-KOGEN Line [get off at SHIGARAKI station]
    • ⇒central SHIGARAKI is about 15 minutes on foot.
  • TEISAN Bus from JR ISHIYAMA station
    • ・To SHIGARAKI bus stop [ get off SHIGARAKI EKIMAE]
      (The journey takes about 1 hour from ISHIYAMA station
    • ⇒ our premises is about 15 minutes on foot. (Here is the center of the SHIGARAKI)

By Car

  • From Osaka area
    • ・MEISHIN highway ⇒ SHIN MEISHIN highway [SHIGARAKI IC] ⇒Central SHIGARAKI takes a further 10 minutes drive from the highway exit.
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  • From Nagoya area
    • ・Through KAMEYAMA JCT ⇒SHIN MEISHIN highway ⇒ [SHIGARAKI IC] ⇒ Central SHIGARAKI takes a further 10 minutes drive from the highway exit.
    • ・MEIHANKOKUDO [MIBUNO IC] ⇒ Central SHIGARAKI takes an additional 30 minutes drive.

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Business Hours

MEIZAN Head Office and Workshop 〒529-1851 1055-1 Nagano, Shigaraki-cho, Koka-city, Shiga, 529-1851

*Due to health and safety reasons factory tours are sadly not permitted. If you wish to experience Shigaraki pottery being made please visit the Ogama workshops.
*Please make a reservation if you wish to hold business negotiations. Feel free to contact us with your enquiries.

… shop/cafe/gallery
 947 Nagano, Shigaraki-cho, Koka-city, Shiga. 529-1851

Open: 11:00-16:30 (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday the workshops are closed)
*For details, please check the Google calendar.

Meizan Online shop

*Ordering from the Web Shop is available all year round.
*Inquiries and shipping work will only be carried out on weekdays. We thank you for your understanding.