Summer’s Cool

Imbue the Wisdom and the Spirit of Historical Japanese Lifestyle into the Room of Modern Summer.
In the old days in Japan, there was no air conditioner. They used to use the wind‐bell and NOREN (goodwill) was made from materials that pass through the wind such as hemp. They used various creative ideas to make the humid and hot Japanese summer season comfortable.
We make use of the wisdom of our ancestors who spent the summers enjoying these various devices, and we propose a fish pot of a pottery that “gets cool in appearance” made by our MEIZAN kiln.

Cherish the Likeness of Pottery
With texture and color we can feel the rustling Japanese taste.

The aquarium of devotion made with traditional Japanese colors, which looks cool with the color of aquatic plants.“SUSUTAKE-CHA” which is the traditional color of Japan, and a “white glaze” of gentle white which imagines Shirayuri(white lily)… Both accented around the edges of the lines with the flower marks of the florets. The shades of glaze and the glaze of green enrich the facial expressions.

See the exquisite harmony of different materials like pottery and glass.

Committed to design as well as functionality
The craftman’s technique shines.
When using different materials such as pottery and glass, distortion occurs between materials. In order to make it a durable container without leaking water, the skill of the craftsmen who are familiar with the characteristics of each material, is fully utilized. This also encompasses the spirit of this skill and captures it inside the decoration of the delicate frame parts.